Sunday, August 26, 2012

Chapter 20 Floyd never asked why

The Story of Joe & Floyd

Chapter 20

For our new readers, Floyd/Pinky suggests that you may want to refer          back to previous chapters to catch up . . . but she encourages everyone not to miss the video of Heather Myles in Chapter 15

"Floyd starred with noted Country Singer Heather Myles in a music video featuring her original song “Together We Will Find the Cure”. This campaign was designed to raise awareness about breast cancer and solicit donations for the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Pinky is not just a video star but the featured attraction at boat shows nationwide and the darling of yacht club for their fundraising efforts."

Floyd and I have now been on the Sacramento Delta for almost two months . . .

Prior to the moment, that Floyd & I made a commitment to each other; Floyd had a limited view as to how many waterways existed and the number of ways people took pleasure in either being on the water or enjoying it from land.

To satisfy Floyd’s inquisitiveness, I shared some of my photos.   Several were included in one of my published Photo Essays . . .

Beaches, Boats & Brushstrokes
"click on the Title of my book to preview"

After seeing this photo, Floyd never asked why I did not invite many of my friends to motor with us . . . at one time

Floyd was surprised to know that some boats had to work

While other boats’ sole purpose was to play . . .

Some folks were content to watch . . . from shore

Others played near or on shore . . .

 Floyd never understood this photo . . .

Til’ we chat again, 

Floyd & Joe


Friday, August 24, 2012

Chapter 19 Celebrate your Journey

Chapter 19

             By now, you all know . . .

 that Floyd insists that I continue to 
share my "gallery of photos"
 with our readers . . . and we hope you enjoy them
as much as we do . . . 

footnote:  floyd asked me to include some photos from previous chapters

Mid - February 2005, I returned from my second retirement from an extended cross-country tour visiting my east coast family, to accept a job offer in the east bay area of San Francisco.  I bought a 1966 33’ Fairliner, and named her “Fresno Rose”, to meet my live-aboard needs. She & I lived just southeast of Isleton on the Mokelumne River.

 The “Fresno Rose”, was also my floating art studio.    
While living aboard the “Fresno Rose”,

I wrote my first book

“Letters of Intimacy & Devotion . . . In The Rose Garden”

"Click on the Title of my book to preview"

that winter, but it was not published until 2009.

I also took many photos 

while living on my "Fresno Rose",

 Floyd asked that I share with our readers

  a "short"  Photo Essay of . . .

 The Story of Joe & Floyd . . .


 Joe & Floyd was a Story

Floyd  & I have not taken many photos lately . . .

 as we have chosen to, just, enjoy our slow weekly motoring

 along Delta Sloughs and taking breaks to chat with family.  

Many of you may recall,

 that Floyd & I have revised our initial plan to navigate the

 Delta waterways from a single event, 

to a journey that may take

 several seasons to complete. 

The reason, is because the intent was not to measure miles . . . 

but rather to create our own "Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer" 

memories on the Sacramento Delta . . . 

and . . . 

share the importance of living in the present.

Together we can find a Cure”

“None of us can escape our mortality . . .                                                                     
  but we all can add value to our life, by celebrating our journey with friends and family.”

So until a cure is found,

Celebrate your journey

 with friends and family.

Post Script:

 Please do not download my photos or chapters without my permission.

Til’ we chat again, 

Floyd & Joe