Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chapter 33 Creating Awareness is not Enough . . .

Chapter 33

Floyd & I are heading south for the winter

Floyd and I decided several months ago,
that we would Motor - Row - Sail . . .
exploring the Mokelumne River ,and
its Sloughs east of the Sacramento River
 and north of the San Joaquin River
before we [explored] the other quadrants of the Delta.
until the Tule Fog rolled in this year.

Floyd & I knew that this would require several more visits
 to the Sacramento - San Joaquin River Delta
to complete our adventure . . .

But we both knew that it would be worth it.
It has been almost a month since

 Floyd & I posted Chapter 32. 

Please accept our apology!  
During these past weeks, Floyd & I have been [quietly]
 enjoying “quality time" on the Delta while at the same time
 preparing for our journey south . . . for the winter.
Be assured,
 that Floyd & I have made a commitment to continue to
 Blog and “Motor-Row-Sail” on lakes and waterways
 in southern states . . .
 throughout the winter months.

With equal certainty, it can be expected that

 Floyd & I

will make more course changes

 in the content and scope of our Blog.

Creating Awareness  is not Enough . . .

Until a cure from cancer is available to all,

regardless of ones' ability 

2 Pay 2 Survive.

There is No Cure !

Floyd and I will be back on the Sacramento Delta . . .
 In the Spring of 2013 . . .
Please stay in touch as Floyd & I continue our Adventure, and

 always remember that . . .

We are all responsible for our wake and any influence it causes !

Leave a wake behind you, that you would want others to leave for you."
Give your family & friends a Hug & Let them know that you love them . . .”

Til’ we chat again,

Floyd & Joe