Sunday, February 10, 2013

Chapter 35 Time to Return . . .

Chapter 35

It is Time to return . . .

  Floyd & I have been “OFF THE GRID”,
 for all practical purposes since 11-18-2012.

We have returned to the Delta . . . because 
the date of me being a Grandfather is 
growing closer.

My grandson is expected to be born on

Valentine’s Day 2013, 

one year after his grandmother died from cancer.

After spending time with my daughter, son-in-law, and grandson . . .

Floyd & I will continue our adventures.

I will weave the stories of my grandson . . . 

with the adventures that Floyd & I will have . . .

“Gunkholing” or also known as “Anchoring Out”

on the Sacramento Delta Waterways . . .

 from early spring til’ late fall of 2013.

 Floyd & I plan on “Hangn’ Out” in mostly remote locations,

 but we will definitely make a point to visit some 

of the more popular anchorages such as;

 The Meadows, 
Mandeville Tip,
 Five Fingers,
 Steamboat Slough, and
 the Lost Slough.

Floyd & I plan to be in the water by March 1st.

Til’ we chat again, 

remember  . . .

“We are all responsible for our wake and any influence it causes!”

"Leave a wake behind you, that you would want others to leave for you."

 Floyd & Joe