Sunday, September 30, 2012

Chapter 29 A Moment to Reflect . . .

Chapter 29

A Moment to Reflect . . .

Floyd & I, had a notion that our story would have a substantial impact, 

which would create more awareness to find a cure for cancer . . .

Since our adventure began, 

we  discovered that “many folks” and “organizations” 

are doing their part to create more awareness, also. 

We have also come to know  . . .

that many have only told their story to those 

in their "Circle of Support" . . . 

From the onset, Floyd & I has maintained a belief

 that a “Blog” on the Internet would reach people worldwide.

This is happening, slow but sure . . . 

Floyd & I feel that we have provided one more 

"Circle of Support" . . . 

for those whose story has not yet , nor ever may be told.

A "Blog" has many of the same features of a "grass root" effort to reach people. 

We have since learned, that the Internet works the same way to exchange information  . . . 

as the earlier telephone tree did to create a 

"Circle of Support" . . .  

So when you greet someone, in your circle of support, ask them . . .

What makes you smile . . . ?

When I am asked; “What makes me smile . . . "

I reply , it’s my daughter . . . Sabrina

 Sabrina is now married to the love of her life, Brandon . . .

We are all travelers . . .

 please maintain or create your own . . .

"Circle of Support" . . .  . 

Family & friends make life a wonderful adventure

  “But do not let too much information get in the way,

 of living in the moment.”

Sabrina & I believe that . . . 

"The Story of Joe & Floyd"

 has a message to share, 

to create more awareness to find a cure for cancer . . . 

but most of all  . . .

our goal is to

increase the "Circle of Support" . . .  . 

for all.

Floyd & I will continue to Blog 

 Sabrina with her mom [Nancy] . . . 

Nancy died from cancer on 2-14-2012

Nancy, will always make me smile . . .

Til’ we chat again, 

Floyd & Joe

Take  . . . 

A Moment to Reflect . . .


By . . .

“Changing the Conversation”

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Chapter 28 A Day of Leisure . . .

Chapter 28

At Floyd’s request, she proclaimed today "a day of leisure" . . .

Today, Floyd requested a day of leisure . . .

A day, for us to stay off the internet and the Delta waterways . . .

So that we can do, what she enjoys . . .

  Time to view some of my photos of places that she has never seen . . .

What a Hoot . . .

Floyd encouraged me to share some of her favorites with our readers,

We both hope that you like them . . .

Til’ we chat again, 

Floyd & Joe    

Post Script:  Please remember  that all of these photos and writings are the sole property of Joseph Coulombe and Joseph retains all rights for his creative works, etc.

Floyd and I welcome one and all to enjoy our story and my photos but please do not download or use our stuff without our permission.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Chapter 27 We are all . . . Cancer Travelers

Chapter 27

We are all  . . . Cancer Travelers

It was April 7, 2012 when I first met Floyd, less than six months ago.  

That is when our journey  began . . . .

Since then, we have expanded our promise to not only to do our part create more  awareness 2 find a cure 4 cancer, as shared in Chapter 1, but to include stories from other folks who know that we are all “cancer travelers” [including] our loved ones.

You may remember that Floyd & I used the term “cancer travelers”, in Chapter 24. Because, unfortunately, not all people who have been diagnosed with cancer are survivors, but all are making the journey.

As I continue to take my guidance from Floyd, she made an intuitive statement to me "that loved ones, friends, and acquaintances’ of those who have or will be diagnosed with cancer" 
are also . . .

 Cancer Travelers.

Since writing Chapter 24, I have been doing more online research to discover other like-minded folks who also know what it means to be a cancer traveler

While this shift has taken Floyd & I away from exploring the Delta as much as we originally intended . . .

 Connecting with “folks” who recognize that we are all “cancer travelers” and have made a commitment to create more awareness . . .

 is really what Floyd and I “intended” when we began this adventure, so that we can share our "awakening" with others.

Floyd just told me that I took “way too much” time to introduce, Anne Orchard, from the UK to our readers.

While “googling” for folks who are in tune with what it means to be a cancer traveler,

 I came across Anne Orchard’s Blog.

 After reading Anne’s Blog and her Support Group Book Giveaway program

posted on her Families Facing Cancer website . . . 

I was compelled to contact her to get her permission to share her

 “commitment” to cancer travelers with the readers of;

 “The Story of Joe & Floyd”.

This morning, Anne gave me permission to share her journey with you.

Anne’s Book,

is the focus of her Support Group Book Giveaway program posted on her 

 Life in the Cancer Fallout Zoneis one of her Blog sites . . .
“Exploring hopes and fears of friends and family in difficult times”

[A little] About [Anne . . .]

Anne Orchard is based in Dorset, UK. Her areas of expertise include offering support to those affected by illness or death of a loved one and helping them to rebuild their lives.
Following the death of her mother from cancer in 1991, and her mother-in-law’s experience of breast cancer in 2004, Anne became increasingly aware of the valuable work performed by charities such as Macmillan Cancer Support and also hospices. Her involvement with her local day-care hospice when living in Derbyshire inspired her to explore ways in which to share the positive philosophy she discovered there. As she researched, she realised she was uniquely qualified to help those who are related or closely connected to cancer sufferers. They are also affected by the diagnosis of the disease, and yet support is so often lacking for them. Anne was inspired to write her book ‘Their Cancer – Your Journey’ to act as a guide to carers/caregivers, family and friends of those with cancer. It provides helpful insights and advice right through from when you hear the news to many years after recovery or bereavement, when you are making sense of what this journey meant in your life. To hear Anne talking about the book and sharing insights on Bay Radio, visit Bay Radio Interview
Anne is now running a worldwide online support organisation, Families Facing Cancer. This is a place for people in the Cancer Fallout Zone – families, friends colleagues etc who are affected by someone else’s diagnosis. Sharing your hopes and fears, plus finding out how others have also been affected, will help you cope with the stress. There is also help via email or telephone, plus a wide variety of resources to find out more information and connect with other places that can help.
When she is not being positive about how people can transform the traumatic experience of cancer into a force for good in their lives, Anne enjoys walking on the beach, taking her boys out for picnics, reading and watching movies with her husband.

Floyd & I seemed to know from the beginning . . .

 that our friends in the UK and across the world,

Recognize that . . .

We are all  . . . Cancer Travelers . . .

The time Floyd & I spent to discover Anne . . .

was worth being at our Berth, as Anne's words speaks for all of us.

Borrowed from Anne  . . .

[We are all] . . . "uniquely qualified to help those who are related or closely connected to cancer sufferers . . . .”

Til’ we chat again, Floyd & Joe

post script: This is one of Floyd's favorite photos, so she insisted that I include it in this post.

Find time to visit with family & friends . . .


By . . .

“Changing the Conversation”

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Chapter 26 Too many Awareness Days

Chapter 26

Too many Awareness Days ?

List of Awareness Days, Weeks and Months

Information provided by Disabled World - Published: 2011-04-30

Citation: Disabled World News (2011-04-30) - A List of US National or International awareness days weeks or months set by a major organization or government to commemorate a medical research or ethical cause of importance.

Recently, Floyd & I have been writing more about our online-research about cancer, the cost of surviving, etc. . . . than we have been writing about our adventures on the Delta.

We had no idea that our Blog was going to take this direction.

Nevertheless, it did.

As a child would . . . Floyd asked me 
“How come there are so many awareness days?"

Before I could reply, she said . . . 
We all should be aware “everyday” of “everyone” . . . 
because we are all in the same boat?

Floyd & I intended to write about 
September National Children Cancer Awareness Month . . . 
But “who knew” September, like every month is set aside to create awareness for
 “something important to someone or group of folks”.

Awareness Dates for September

All American Breakfast Month
Better Breakfast Month

Emergency Care Month

Hug a Texas Chef Month

Mom & Apple Pie Month

National Preparedness Month

National Hispanic Month

National Courtesy Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month: Celebrated from September 15 to October 15

National Bourbon Heritage Month

National Children Cancer Awareness Month

National Sewing Month

National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month

National Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month

National Potato Month

National Tumor Awareness Month

National Yoga Month

National Sight Saving Month

National Chicken Month

National Piano Month

National Honey Month
National Rice Month
National Mushroom Month
National Papaya Month? (or June)
National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month
National Biscuit Month
National Cholesterol Awareness Month
National Organic Harvest Month
National Recovery Month
National Library Card Sign-up Month
National Baby Safety Month
Self-Improvement Month
Women of Achievement Month

Day - Week:

September 4 - World Cerebral Palsy Day (List of Famous People with Cerebral Palsy)
September 8 - International Literacy Day (Recognized by the UN)

September 10 - World Suicide Prevention Day

September 11 - 9/11 anniversary

September 11 - World First Aid Day

September 15 - International Day of Democracy (Recognized by the UN)

September 16 - International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer (Recognized by the UN)

September 19 - International Talk Like a Pirate Day

September 21 - International Day of Peace (Recognized by the UN)

September 21 - World Alzheimer's Day

September 22 - (World) Car Free Day(s)

September 24 - Dating Day

September 26 - European Day of Languages

September 27 - World Tourism Day

September 28 - Right to Know Day (

September 28 - World Rabies Day

During last week of September - World Maritime Day (Recognized by the UN)

U.S. National Health Observances - September:

Fruit and Veggies - More Matters Month - Produce for Better Health Foundation Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 7465 Lancaster Pike, Suite J, 2nd Floor Hockessin, DE 19707 (888) 391-2100 (302) 235-2329 x316 (302) 235-5555 Fax - Materials available Contact: Toni Eaton
Leukemia & Lymphoma Awareness Month - Leukemia & Lymphoma Society 1311 Mamaroneck Avenue, Suite 310 White Plains, NY 10605 (800) 955-4572 (914) 821-8888 (914) 821-3607 Fax - Materials available Contact: Information Resource Center
National Alcohol and Drug Addiction Recovery Month - Office of the Director, Consumer Affairs Center for Substance Abuse Treatment Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration 1 Choke Cherry Road, 2nd Floor Rockville, MD 20857 (800) 662-HELP (662-4357) (240) 276-2750 (240) 276-2710 Fax Materials available Contact: Consumer Affairs
National Atrial Fibrillation Awareness Month - American Foundation for Women's Health P. O. Box 541 Greenwood, TX 76246-0541 (940) 466-9898 - Materials available Contact: Mellanie True Hills
National Cholesterol Education Month - National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute Health Information Center P.O. Box 30105 Bethesda, MD 20824-0105 (301) 592-8573 (301) 592-8563 Fax - Materials available Contact: Information Specialist
National Pediculosis Prevention Month/Head Lice Prevention Month - National Pediculosis Association, Inc. 1005 Boylston Street, #343 Newton, MA 02461 (617) 905-0176 (812) 434-6652 Fax - Materials available Contact: Deborah Altschuler
National Sickle Cell Month - Sickle Cell Disease Association of America, Inc. 231 East Baltimore Street, Suite 800 Baltimore, MD 21202 (800) 421-8453 (410) 528-1495 - Materials available.
National Yoga Awareness Month - Yoga Health Foundation P. O. Box 10072 Marina del Rey, CA 90295 (310) 928-6638 - Materials available Contact: Johannes R. Fisslinger
Newborn Screening Awareness Month - Save Babies Through Screening Foundation, Inc. P.O. Box 42197 Cincinnati, OH 45242 (888) 454-3383 tml - Materials available.
Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month - National Ovarian Cancer Coalition 2501 Oak Lawn Avenue, Suite 435 Dallas, TX 75219 (888) OVARIAN (682-7426) (214) 273-4200 - Materials available.
Prostate Cancer Awareness Month - ZERO - The Project to End Prostate Cancer 10 G Street NE, Suite 601 Washington, DC 20002 (888) 245-9455 (202) 463-9455 (571) 257-8559 - Materials available Contact: Linwood Norman
Whole Grains Month - Whole Grains Council 226 Beacon Street Boston, MA 02116 (617) 421-5500 (617) 421-5511 Fax celebrate-whole-grains-month-in-septembe r - Materials available Contact: Cynthia Harriman
13 - National Celiac Disease Awareness Day - Celiac Sprue Association P.O. Box 31700 Omaha, NE 68131-0700 (877) 272-4272 (402) 643-4108 Fax Materials available Contact: Mary Schluckebier
15 - National School Backpack Awareness Day - American Occupational Therapy Association 4720 Montgomery Lane P.O. Box 31220 Bethesda, MD 20824-1220 (301) 652-2682 (800) 377-8555 TDD (301) 652-7711 Fax Backpack-Awareness.aspx - Materials available.
18 - 24 - National Farm Safety & Health Week - National Education Center for Agricultural Safety 10250 Sundown Road Peosta, IA 52068 (888) 844-6322 (563) 557-0354 (563) 557-0353 Fax - Materials available Contact: Charlotte Halverson
18 - 24 - National Rehabilitation Awareness Celebration - National Rehabilitation Awareness Foundation 100 Abington Executive Park Clarks Summit, PA 18411 (800) 943-6723 (570) 341-4637 (570) 341-4331 Fax - Materials available Contact: James Brogna
18 - National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day - The AIDS Institute 2000 S Street NW, 3rd Floor Washington, DC 20009 (813) 258-5929 (202) 835-8373 (202) 835-8368 Fax - Materials available Contact: Michelle Scavnicky
19 - Get Ready Day - American Public Health Association 800 I Street NW Washington, DC 20001-3710 (202) 777-2509 (202) 777-2500 TTY (202) 777-2532 Fax - Materials available Contact: Audrey Pernik
21 - World Alzheimer's Day - Alzheimer's Disease International 64 Great Suffolk Street London, SE1 OBL UNITED KINGDOM, +44 20 7981 0880 +44 20 7928 2357 Fax - Materials available.
23 - RAINN Day - Rape, Abuse & Incest - National Network (RAINN) 2000 L Street NW, Suite 406 Washington, DC 20036 (800) 656-HOPE (4673) -day - Materials available Contact: Sara Amin
24 - Family Health & Fitness Day - USA Health Information Resource Center 1850 West Winchester Road, #213 Libertyville, IL 60048 (800) 828-8225 - Materials available Contact: Patricia Henze
27 - National Gay Men's HIV/AIDS Awareness Day - National Association of People with AIDS 8401 Colesville Road, Suite 505 Silver Spring, MD 20910 (866) 846-9366 (240) 247-0880 (240) 247-0574 Fax - Materials available Contact: Stephen Bailous
28 - National Women's Health & Fitness Day - Health Information Resource Center 1850 West Winchester Road, #213 Libertyville, IL 60048 (800) 828-8225 - Materials available Contact: Patricia Henze
28 - World Rabies Day - Global Alliance for Rabies Control 529 Humboldt Street, Suite 1 M8 anhattan, KS 66502 (570) 899-4885 - Materials available.
30 - World Heart Day - World Heart Federation 7, rue des Battoirs, Case postale 155 1211 Geneva 4 SWITZERLAND, - Materials available.

Citation: Disabled World News (2011-04-30) - A List of US National or International awareness days weeks or months set by a major organization or government to commemorate a medical research or ethical cause of importance.

Before we leave or return to a safe harbor . . .

 Floyd & I will always reflect that our adventure 
to create awareness 2 find a cure 4 cancer is only one
 of over a thousand, important, events 
that bring all people to the belief that
 “we are all in the same boat”.

Floyd & I feel that there are

 not enough

Awareness Days

and “too many” are not included on these lists.

In every community . . .
 neighbors and friends remember the loss of their loved ones,
 everyday . . . 

The "day of memory", for most folks
does not make the headlines in newspapers,
nor make a national list of days to remember.

So today, Floyd & I proclaim September 19, 2012

Give your family & friends a Hug & Let them know that you love them . . . Day”

Floyd and I will be back on the Delta tomorrow . . .

and although the summer is ending . . . 

we plan to continue our adventure on

the Delta until the Tule fog months roll in. 

Please remember that . . .

 “We are all responsible for our wake and any influence it causes!”


"Leave a wake behind you, that you would want others to leave for you."

Til’ we chat again, Floyd & Joe

Please find time to visit with family & friends . . .


By . . .

“Changing the Conversation”

Give your family & friends a Hug & Let them know that you love them . . .”