Sunday, December 16, 2012

Chapter 34 Off the Grid

Chapter 34

Off the Grid since November 18, 2012

 Please accept my apology, again, for not writing in such a long time. 

During the time that Floyd & I were . . . “OFF THE GRID”

it was not primarily by choice . . . as we had some difficulty with . . .

No Bars/Signal  . . . on our communication devices, and
Out of Cell Phone and Internet Reach  . . .

But What a blessing, to be off the grid while 

  we were making the transition from one season to the next.

After Floyd had been “hauled out” and cleaned in preparation for our journey south for the winter, I left the Delta for a brief time to celebrate Thanksgiving with my daughter, her husband & my new in-laws.

After a great Thanksgiving celebration, I returned to the Delta to complete the final tasks before Floyd & I headed south. 

During the final days before our departure, the impact of the rain appeared as if low and high tide had met some-where in the middle.

It reminded me of earlier years . . . when all Delta ‘folks” were concerned about flooding along the Sacramento waterways.
 Early on December 1, 2012 morning, Floyd & I were on I-5 heading south.

Late that afternoon, we arrived at the KOA Park in Acton, Ca where our adventure had begun.

Floyd & I were very busy during the first sixteen days following our departure from the Delta.

Our first task were to remove all equipment, tools, etc. that were stored on Floyd, to dry and then repack.

This was to prevent mildew that may have occurred due to dampness, following the rain that continued in the greater Delta region for several days prior to our departure.

Once our equipment was properly dried and stored . . .

I reflected on two statements that I made from chapter 33; they were;

“ With equal certainty, it can be expected that
 Floyd & I will make more course changes
 in the content and scope of our Blog.”


“Be assured,
 that Floyd & I have made a commitment to continue to
 Blog and “Motor-Row-Sail” on lakes and waterways
 in southern states . . .
 throughout the winter months.”

Somewhere in the middle of these two statements is
 where Floyd & I are . . . Today

Floyd & I have made another course change, 
as my daughter Sabrina, 
will soon to be a mother and
 I,  a grandpa !

The date of my grandchild coming into this world is  . . .

Valentine’s Day 2013, one year after Sabrina’s mother died from cancer.

 While Floyd & I have previously made a commitment to
             “Motor-Row-Sail” on lakes and waterways in southern states
throughout the winter months  . . .            

Floyd & I have made this course change . . .

 (several more may follow),

 So that I can be present to welcome, the first son, of my daughter at the time of his arrival into this world.

Therefore, Floyd & I may not be on the lakes and waterways in southern states, throughout the winter months . . . as much as we had planned . . .

But we still will be writing 
about finding a cure for cancer that is available to all,
 regardless of ones ability to pay.

Floyd and I will be back on the Sacramento Delta . . .

 In the Spring of 2013 . . .


For our new readers, Floyd & I suggest that you may want to refer back to previous chapters to catch up. 

If you do not have time to read them all . . .
Floyd & I encourage everyone to view the video of Heather Myles,
 in Chapter 15.

By now, the readers of my Blog have noticed that I have been writing more about research about cancer, the cost of surviving, etc . . . . than I have been writing about our adventures on the Delta.

We had no idea that our Blog was going to take this direction.

Nevertheless, it did.

“We are all responsible for our wake and any influence it causes!”

"Leave a wake behind you, that you would want others to leave for you."

Please find time to visit with family & friends . . .


By . . .

“Changing the Conversation”

Give your family & friends a Hug & Let them know that you love them . . .”

Til’ we chat again,

Floyd & Joe