Saturday, June 2, 2012

Chapter 4 Not sure how long our adventure will take

Chapter 4

Not sure how long our adventure will take

Floyd & I, with the assistance of Ken & his staff, are now ready to begin our adventure on the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta Loop.  It has been mutually decided by Floyd and I to be in the Delta by the first week of July 2012 and be launched just south of Isleton on the Mokelumne River.  This would permit us to divide our adventure into four legs. North up to and beyond Sacramento and its confluence of  Rivers that flow into the Sacramento River, East towards Lodi and beyond, West towards the Napa and beyond, and South down the San Joaquin River to Stockton and beyond.

However, before we launch, Floyd & I will spend some quality time with my daughter, Sabrina Anne . . . who, in part, our adventure is dedicated, in memory of her mom who passed away on Valentines’ Day of this year from cancer. Donna, the wife of my  brother Bob, is the other "special" lady that Floyd & my adventure is dedicated to.  Donna is a cancer survivor.

Floyd and I are not sure how long our adventure will take, as its more about meeting folks along our way to create more awareness 2 find a cure 4 cancer.  However, we have both agreed that it gets rather quiet on the Delta as October approaches.  So we will travel and meet folks in one section at a time in the Sacramento Delta as time permits til’ October, and pick up where we left off in April of 2013.  

Between October and April, Floyd and I will continue our adventure to meet  more folks  along the inland waterway back east from New Jersey to Florida.  Floyd said that she heard Florida was a great place to hang out in the winter months and she is eager to meet my east coast relatives whom I speak often of to Floyd.

(Floyd also hopes that he will meet more of his WWP-15 relatives on the east coast). 

Floyd and I are reaching out to all Potter owners and all boaters for friendship and guidance.

I have learned a lot from visiting the Potter Yachter Club, of northern California's website and from Ken Lange the owner of International Marine and his staff.

Thank you all.

Til’ we chat again, 

Floyd & Joe

The Story of Joe & Floyd is just beginning . . .