Friday, May 29, 2015

Chapter 45 Good 2 Go 4 R Pacific Northwest Adventure 2015

 Good 2 Go 4 R 
Pacific Northwest Adventure 2015

Chapter 45

Floyd's 'boom gallows' is now complete with the jaw clamps and pad eye hinge mounted to secure the boom to the side rail.  These necessary additions ensure that the 'boom gallows' does not bounce off or shift while trailering from marina to marina.

Now that we are ready to begin our adventure it is time to thank three friends that have helped floyd and I to get ready for our adventure . . . 

River Storage, Isleton

and a special thanks to
 Ken Lange . . . 
owner of
builders of the west wight potter
and floyd's father.

our first Port of Call,
 is a marnia (yet to be determined ) on the coast
 of mendocino county
on the noyo river.

more to follow . . .

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chapter 44 ' Leave No One Behind ' . . .

' Leave No One Behind '

Chapter 44

Not Everyone . . .
 when they find a link to a blog
 that appears to be like-minded . . . 
visits every post.

no worries . . .

the short straw . . . 

 is that this blog started out to support the notion
 that by promoting greater awareness about cancer
 that the entities who got your support and dollars
 would find a cure.

no worries . . . again

a cure is closer every day


- some folks have great insurance and deep pockets . . .

- others think they have great insurance 
and did not know that they needed deep pockets . . .

- more folks have insurance that appears
 to be 'in name only' and drains
 every dollar from their savings . . .

- a bunch of folks are 

 'Left Behind'

because they have no insurance or ran out of benefit coverage
 and cannot pay to survive.

What good does it do to ensure that no child is left behind
 in our american education system . . . 

when some of their parents may not see them graduate
 because a cure for cancer was not available to them because:

they could not pay to survive.

floyd and I believe

 that no one should be 'left behind'
 when a cure is available . . .  
regardless of their ability to pay.

more to follow . . .

Monday, May 25, 2015

Chapter 43 Refitting Floyd for the Pacific North West

Chapter 43

Refitting Floyd

Once floyd and i determined that our summer adventure 2015 would be a boat-in camping trip along the coast of northern california, oregon, washington to vancouver, bc . . . we new that floyd would require some modifications.

The first, was to replace the stock mast craddle that was attached to the transom - sharing the same mounting fixtures used for the tiller/rudder.  In its place [ the stock mast craddle ] fabricate a 'boom gallows' made of red oak that would support the mast while floyd is being trailered with the tiller/rudder mounted on floyd's transom.  

This modification, freed up cabin space, that was used as storage for the tiller/rudder while trailering.  

The second modification was to design and make a portable tent canopy frame for the cockpit area to make boat-in camping a dry experience . . . as the pacific northwest is noted for its frequent rainy days and evening.  When rain is not in the forecast, this canopy frame will support a mosquito netting. 

We will be using a modified 8X10 tarp for our tent cover.

floyd often reminds me that i am vertically challenged, so i will be using a 5' werner step-ladder to board floyd when we are camping on land.

For on-board cooking, we will be using;
 Forespar's mini-galley 2000 . . .
a portable gimbaled gas stove
 that mounts on floyd's vertical side rail.

floyd and i expect that additional modifications may be required as we trailer, motor, sail, row, and boat-in camp our way along the pacific northwest coast to vancouver, bc . . . 
but isn't that part of an adventure ? we think so

more to follow

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Chapter 42 Floyd & I were Off the Grid . . . because

Chapter 42

Floyd and I . . .

 apologize for not posting  updates
 regarding our adventures since 2013,
 as they have been primarily of an artistic nature. 

 Most folks do not like to watch paint as it drys . . .

nor do i or floyd.

Floyd encouraged me to create two photo essays
 that best reflects 
the most recent 10 years 
of my artistic expression . . .

one essay would be in a square format, 
 and the other in a landscape format.

I agreed that this would be a great undertaking . . . 

In just under 2 years . . . 

We created two outstanding products . . .  

The first Photo Essay is titled;

the second Photo Essay is titled :

  Floyd and I are extremely pleased
 with our 2
 recent Photo Essays

Mid-April 2015 floyd and i, 
began our planning for a summer adventure for 2015 . . .
a pacific northwest adventure . . .

but be assured,
we will return back to the delta
 to complete our original quest.

Our Pacific NorthWest Adventure
begins june 1, 2015

More to follow . . .