Monday, May 28, 2012

Chapter 3 So much to learn . . .

Chapter 3

 So much to learn . . .

Floyd & Ken had quality time to chat after the 21st of April, not only to reminisce of our Gr8 weekend together . . . but to discuss what additional adjustments were required to the modifications made on Floyd, including a consensus that I (Joe) needed  more sailing time and some thoughts to get more publicity for:

The Story of Joe & Floyd . . . and more

First on their agenda, was to get a different motor mount that had a higher profile to make the outboard easier to operate and to put the permanent oarlock brackets on.  This was an easy task for Ken and his staff.  They also both agreed, that Floyd’s trailer should have a spare tire and that I should have a spare prop and shear pins all of which were purchased.  Oscar, Ken’s “# one guy, adjusted the newly arrived 9’ oars to fit Capt’n Joe and installed the anchor & rode on the bow pulpit.

Kudos to Oscar and the other guys on Ken’s Staff !

The second item on their agenda was to ensure that Capt’n Joe had completed his duties to obtain the logos for Floyd.  The required logos on the list were:

  1.  Floyd’s name which would be affixed to the foreward sides port & starboard,
  2.  The logos for our intended purpose . . .”Motor-row-sail-4-the-Cure”,
  3. Our website, so folks can follow our adventure on our newly created Blog.
The third item on their agenda was to invite Floyd & I ( Capt’n Joe )  on a weekend adventure (May 19th) for the 3rd Annual Marina Del Rey “ Marina Fest” and to be a guest of Ken to the “City of Hope’s” annual fund-raiser event for cancer research.

The last, and most important item on their agenda, was to provide another opportunity for me to improve my boating skills with Floyd. Even though, I did O.K. on our first day on the water,

I still have so much to learn . . .

You may remember that Floyd pointed out several of many lessons that
“I have to learn” . . .

I can now  tie knots, especially a bowline and stopper knot, I have a better feel of the tiller when entering or leaving a dock, Still need to remember to give more throttle to the outboard to control direction, and  I will never forget that Ken and Floyd  are always ready to assist me.

By mid-day, of May 18th, Floyd’s logos were affixed in their proper location and we drove to the MDR public launch area again.  This time, however, single-handedly, I preformed the ceremonial preparation for Floyd’s launch. Floyd was pleased at my improvement . . . including my recently accomplishment in knot tying.

We indulged ourselves with some boating pleasures . . . to re-acquaint Floyd & I with each other, and then we navigated to Ken’s live-aboard, the “Compass Rose”. Floyd & I spent our first two evenings on-board  . . . with many more to come.

The Marina Fest afforded an opportunity to meet other WWPotter enthusiasts, some of whom prove to be additional mentors on the Sacramento Delta Waterway.  Moreover, not surprisingly, everyone we met had a story to share about how cancer had affected his or her life or that of a loved one or friend . . .

The awareness has begun

Everyone, thought Floyd, was Cool.  For some folks, it took a moment as they only saw her pink haul . . . but once they viewed her name . . .

Everyone made the connection.

Pink Boat ?  

Named  Floyd 
Pink Floyd

The “City of Hope’s” annual fundraising event provided an additional opportunity to meet like-minded folks who knew so much more than I, and who collectively touched so many more folks than I . . .

I was, deeply touched, by their dedication . . . and their deeds

I will share more about their good works later.

Til’ we chat again, 

Floyd & Joe

The Story of Joe & Floyd Is just beginning   .  .  .

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