Monday, May 28, 2012

Chapter 2 Début for Floyd & Joe

Chapter 2

Début for Floyd & Joe 

Post Script from Chapter 1:

“Floyd, Bless her Heart, asked also to be fitted with oars and a motor so she could relax and enjoy our adventure.  How could I say no . . .since we fitted her with many features to make it more pleasurable for me.”

Between April 7th of 2012 and April 20th of April 2012, the modifications made to Floyd, as shared in our first chapter, has now been almost completed by Ken and is staff and we are now ready for our first shakedown trip scheduled for Saturday April 21st

In summary, the planned modifications, to date,  includes:

  1. A solo sailing package for the main and jib sails so that I could raise and lower the sails from the cockpit,
  2. Modifications  to raise and lower the keel from the cockpit without having to go into the cabin,
  3. Shore AC and Solar/DC power capabilities that also charges both batteries, with several DC power connections in the cockpit and AC/DC connections in the cabin,
  4. An upgraded 4 hp. Outboard with a 3 ½ external gas take to provide up to 9 hours of running time,
  5. The Custom-made 9’ oars were ordered and oarlocks the temporarily mounted mid-ship, ( Ken had 8’ oars available for testing for April 21st)
  6. The Bimini, still needs to be installed,
  7. A Compass and Depth Gauge with a Keel/Off Set Alarm,
By this time, all the required, Coast Guard Approved, safety equipment was purchased and stored on board (Readily accessible).

Floyd was tickled Pink  . . . .
With all the attention that he has received during these past two weeks  . . . .
and waited anxiously for April 21st  . . .

By mid-day on Saturday, Floyd & I made our début, at the public launch at Marina Del Rey, CA.  Ken guided me through the ceremonial rites of preparing Floyd to be launched and served as my mentor to ensure all went well.

Once Floyd was ready, we left the public launch area and sailed in the MDR Harbor so that I could get a feel of Floyd and had an opportunity for Floyd to get to know me. 

Floyd, most certainly, had a better understanding of sailing, than I, and as you know, he is much younger than I. Even though Floyd knew much more than I did, she was patient with me . . . and with the assistance of Ken and the forgiving qualities of Floyd . . .

I did O.K. on our first day on the water. 

Nevertheless, I still have so much to learn . . . and Floyd pointed out several of many lessons that “I have to learn”  . . . as we sailed the MDR Harbor.

First, Floyd instructed me “we can not only feel the presence of wind, but that we can see her approach” by looking at the ripples on the water and to be ready for an abrupt change in its direction and force.  Equally as important, was for me not to over-react in its [wind] potential change . . .  but rather let my intuitiveness permit me to make a calm and deliberate change of course as required.

Second, Floyd reminded me that sailing is a “Zen  . . . Yin & Yang thing” all about balance.  The water, its current . . . and the changes of the wind . . . coupled with our presence does not act as separate entities . . . but are one.  One can only know this to be true if one truly is aware of its uniting presence.

Floyd’s last comments, for now, were:

  1.  I need to know how to tie knots, especially a bowline and stopper knot,
  2. I needed to get a better feel of the tiller when entering or leaving a dock,
  3. Remember to give more throttle to the outboard to control direction, and
  4. Lastly, to remember that Ken and she is always ready to assist me.

     At the day’s end, we navigated to Ken’s live-aboard, the “Compass Rose”.  Floyd and I were berthed close by.

It was truly a GR8 début for Floyd and I.

Floyd did not ask, again . . . 

why I came to Inglewood . . . 

By now, he knew that it was, I who would come and take her on a journey . . . 

 to motor-row-sail the 700 miles of the Sacramento River Delta waterway.

Til’ we chat again, 
Floyd & Joe

The Story of Joe & Floyd Is just beginning   .  .  .

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